by Dog Park

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All recording and playing done by Henry Herbert


released May 15, 2016



all rights reserved


Dog Park New York, New York

Formerly Houston based, now in Manhattan, New York

All instruments and vocals done by me.

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Track Name: I'm Here
I'm here x8

Little door mouse in my bed
Weaving some wisdom through my head
Lay down and watch the world turn by
Sooner or later all dreams die

You’re just not what you think you are
Oh how the mighty fall so far

Little door mouse in my head
Taking the things I’d do instead
Track Name: Give and Take
It doesn't have to be
Anything that's far away from me
You don't have to go
Is there something I will never know

Give and Take
You give nothing away
I take nothing
You give nothing away
I take nothing
I don't know why
I let us sit and die

All along
Building up my song
Do you even hear
my voice when I'm so near (I'm here)

It doesn't have to be
Anything that makes you scared of me
Do you have to go
Will I see you at last year's tomorrow
Last year's tomorrow
To cleanse all your sorrows with me
If that's why you're here at all
Make sure you give me a call
Track Name: Move Her
I should’ve known sooner
I’ve got knots in my spine
cause I couldn’t make her mine
I’m a loser
can’t get out of bed
with these anchors in my head
It’s baby talk when I see you
head cold dreams no one else can see
i’m just a boy when you’re so close to me

But it wasn’t enough to move her
I’ve got eyes in my sleeve looking at what I can’t concieve
I will woo her

Pushing through the Leaves
To say that you think you need me
Like I always say
Just give me a few more days

To and fro I see you
why do I leave? I need to
Track Name: Ellie at Gramercy
There's a special place
Where I'll find out where and how I fit in this race

Oh you can rave
on and on for hours
oh how you can rave

I know I won't last